Tuesday, 19 January 2016

The Perfectionist: Happy Launch Day

Well, today’s the day! My second book, 'The Perfectionist', is out. It's been a long but very enjoyable road - and not always a straight one.

This particular trail started about two years ago. I began writing the first words and drafting the storyline in January 2014; put the project aside while promoting the launch of 'Out of Bounds' in the March-April period, before putting pen back to paper all through spring, summer and the start of autumn 2014. Re-reading and proof-reading took a few months and then I began sending submissions to agents and publishers as 2015 started. January-September 2015 was marked by promising leads, some agent interest in getting the full manuscript, a deal with an indie publisher I decided to turn down, and the writing of my third novel. And since September 2015, I have been preparing for this launch and promoting the book well in advance while crafting my own video trailer and working on some pre-launch promotional pictures, while not losing track of the third novel. My efforts to find pre-launch publicity for 'The Perfectionist' paid off as early as November and December with some nice reviews, and January is following that same pattern. And now here we are. Everything is ready and I sit back and watch the world go online to buy 'The Perfectionist' and make my new book viral. Well, at least I hope so. Fingers crossed.

The release of 'The Perfectionist' today not only marks the end of the lengthy pre-release publicity period but also the beginning of a new phase for me. I could go as far as saying that the lion's share of the pressure is gone. And now I can be happy to say "the book is here" instead of "the book will be here soon."

Book launch days are weird days. Mostly I walk around trying to figure out what is happening, how to measure reader reactions, or how to ignore my impatience. My eyes are glued to the screen, scrutinizing any online activity associated with the book. My mind is occupied with puzzling thoughts and uncertainties, only to be temporarily put at rest with the occasional rewarding phone call or words of encouragement that arrive in one form or another. 

I hope you’ll help me spread the word and boost the post-launch promotion. Short reviews on Amazon and Goodreads are ideal. Sharing them or anything else about 'The Perfectionist' on Facebook, Twitter and other platforms is great too. But above all, do read the book and enjoy. Dear readers, thanks so much for tuning in and sharing the excitement of my book launch with me!

The paperback and the Kindle versions of 'The Perfectionist' are available on Amazon. The ebook can also be found at Smashwords, and very soon at most online retailers such as Barnes & Noble, FNAC or Kobo. 

Amazon.com (Paperback price $9.99 / Kindle price $3.25): http://www.amazon.com/The-Perfectionist-Simon-Duke/dp/1517648491

Smashwords ebook (Price $2.99): https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/585299