Wednesday, 20 January 2016

More Reviews for 'The Perfectionist'

A big thank you to Rowena Hoseason at Murder Mayhem & More, to Léa at Léa Touch Book, and to author Carla Kovach. This is what they say:

"This intriguing mix of investigative procedural and road trip, wrapped around a tale of personal redemption, is given a chilling menace by a calculating, appallingly accomplished serial killer ... Author Simon Duke incorporates some clever plot conniptions and a selection of plausible supporting characters – each presented as a potential suspect for our consideration. In this respect, The Perfectionist echoes an old-fashioned whodunnit, where the reader gleefully participates in the investigation (although I totally missed the final twist) ... The Perfectionist is something of an American epic, spanning three decades and sprawling from one side of the continent to the other. Yet, like the very best crime fiction, it tells a relatively simple story – of an isolated man, who is reunited with the better aspects of humanity through an encounter with the very worst that man can accomplish." - Murder Mayhem & More. Full review available at:

"This is a very good crime fiction: a terrifying serial killer, mastered writing and a surprising end! ... This is a real page turner with a wonderful and very surprising ending. The writing mixes fitting dialogue, fascinating descriptions and impactful action scenes." - Léa Touch Book. Full review available at:

"The Perfectionist is an epic feeling, crime investigation novel. It spans many years and follows the gathering of evidence intricately. The characters are real and gritty, and the story is dark and compelling. If you are a crime novel fan, this book is a must. It also has a ‘killer’ ending with more than a couple of well laced surprises." - Carla Kovach. Full review available at: