Thursday, 7 January 2016

2 New Reviews as Book Launch Day is Nigh

Only 11 days left till the book launch and 2 more reviews for 'The Perfectionist' to report!

First of all, here are the kind words written by Paul Norman at "Books Monthly":

"If it wasn't set in the USA I'd say that Neil Cross of Luther had crossed the pond..., Simon Duke has gone to the trouble of self-publishing this intriguing, stunning story, and I have to say I'm surprised he couldn't get a mainstream publisher interested, because the end result is amazingly good. There are elements of Koontz and Connolly in this superb story, but Simon's own voice shines through and the result is fantastic. Give it a look, you won't be disappointed!"

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And here is the rewarding opinion of David Prestidge who works for "Crime Fiction Lover":

"This is a thoroughly readable and workmanlike addition to the serial killer genre. There are a couple of problems with the central character. Given that Stokes is in full time employment in 1988, he would have to be at least in his 40s when the 2010 action kicks in. Yet he continues to behave more like a 20-something who is too much in touch with his own sex-drive. Second, he is really not a very lovable person. Anti-heroes are all well and good in certain literary genres, but in the realm of serial killers it doesn’t help if readers struggle to root for the good guy.

Despite these reservations, there is much to like about The Perfectionist. Stokes’s relationship with his brother is sensitively described and, despite the action sometimes  darting to different times and locations, the final 100 pages or so are nicely concentrated, and the narrative is, consequently, much more coherent. I can also confess that I didn’t see the plot twist coming, so Simon Duke deserves credit for that."

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Here's a sample of the graphic countdown till launch promo I'm carrying out on social media. There are a few more to go before the launch date of January 19, 2016.