Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Out of Bounds - Plot Synopsis

Framed for murder and trapped in a conspiracy set in motion by a narcotics trafficking network, a cash-strapped man soon regrets accepting an easy and well-paid job. It was simply too good to be true.

KYLE HUNT, an over-anxious thirty-three-year-old security equipment installer, living in Charleston, South Carolina, with his girlfriend PILAR TELLEZ and their two daughters, is having difficulty making ends meet. When local businessman HECTOR RAMIREZ and his tough associate RAY DUPREE call on him for an off-the-record installation of a surveillance system and offer twenty thousand dollars in compensation, Hunt recklessly carries out the task. In the process he inadvertently sees private information about stored merchandise, which ultimately backfires on him as a cargo facility is soon after robbed and a homicide is committed.

Relentlessly looking for the killer of the cargo facility employee, veteran homicide detective JACOB BORNHOLM has earmarked Hunt as his prime suspect. And, to make matters worse, Dupree also reckons Hunt is responsible for the heist. The threats begin. With a view to protect his family, Hunt keeps Pilar in the dark regarding the events.

Alone in the struggle, and in an attempt to unravel the set-up, Hunt begins his own investigation and must fend off his doubts and uncertainties, as well as the emotional demons of his past and present to prove he is merely a fall guy.

Bornholm, meanwhile, pursues his search for the bigger picture, counting on his experience and determination to tackle the obstacles in his way. Be it the false trails, supervisor pressure, inter-agency confidentiality, or the comeback of DEA legend HARVEY WHITE, Bornholm must venture beyond the boundaries of his limited local authority in order to seek justice.

Hunt and Bornholm’s interwoven investigations go crescendo and pit them against a complex interstate narcotic trafficking network as well as a sadistic Ray Dupree on a weak link elimination rampage.

As the trap closes on Hunt, and his world goes increasingly haywire, he is forced to take matters into his own hands and put the pieces of the puzzle together.

Hunt, Dupree, and Bornholm: Three different men with different game plans, but all ultimately following the same trail of death and deceit in a journey that will take them, in turn, from Charleston to the exotic, yet dangerous streets of Miami’s Little Havana, and the Florida Keys.

With the escalation of violence around him, Hunt must push himself to the limit to save his loved ones. Defeat is not an option.